Our Hi Tech Entertainment System has been developed to address some of the games current challenges. 

Both Green Grass Golf Course and Driving Range Facilities have experience

- Lower participation levels -

- Player time constraints -

- Capital resource limitations -

- Disposable income shrinkage -

- Game enjoyment factor -

SMARTRANGE disrupts the golf industry by delivering a crazy fun interactive handheld golf system.


To address these core issues, we have combined state of the art wireless technology and developed

a mobile handheld Hi Tech Driving Range Entertainment Experience. 

Using microchip embedded golf balls, communicating targets, and mobile handheld technology,  we offer a truly unique, hugely entertaining driving range system that tracks every golf ball hit, providing instant shot feedback.

A range of challenging, fun, exciting game options allows player to compete solo, with or against each other, receive instant results, score points, track their progress, win prizes, and connect with players at identical sites across the globe. 

Game System Features Include.

+ A large variety of Single or Multi Player games +

+ Head to Head Challenge Options +

+ Team Versus Team Challenges +

+ Multiplayer Tournaments +

+ Single Site and Global Connectivity +